Renovation Process 
We understand that a renovation job can be tedious and stressful. So we have a systematic approach to ensure that your renovation work will be hassle-free and less taxing.
Step1 Initial Quotation  
A quotation is drafted based on your floor plan and discussion with our professional designers.
Step2 Design Consultation  
Our creative project designers will design your dream home, tailored to your specific requirements absolutely free, with no obligation.
Step3 Site Visit  
Our professionals will conduct various site visits, obtain appropriate measurements and take photographs of your home to ensure quality and smooth transition of renovation work.
Step4 Design Stages 1  
Our creative design consultants will draw up a set of perspective drawings and layout plan based on your preferences and lifestyle. You will then get to choose which layout you prefer, and it can be modified to suit your individual taste.
Step5 Design Stages 2  
Based on the selected design, our designers will advise you on the materials that are to be used and the appropriate color scheme.
Step6 Final Quotation & Materials Confirmation  
A final quotation will be worked out based on the design and materials which you have selected and are comfortable with. Upon confirmation, a 40% deposit is requested for the commencement of the job.
Step7 Job in Progress  
Our project designers will carry out regular checks and meetings on site to ensure that the renovation works fall within estimated completion date. Progressive payments will be requested.
Step8 Project Handover  
Upon competition, an invoice would be drawn up and the balance of the payment will be requested.