2021 Interior Design Trends

Each year, new interior design trends take the world by storm. These are the trends that are most in vogue and highlighted in interior designer portfolios. Many homeowners dream of redecorating their homes according to the latest design trends.

The year 2021 has welcomed its fair share of new interior design styles and trends. Some are continued from previous years, some are comebacks from previous eras, and other trends are completely innovative and modern.

Here are some of the top trends in home interiors for the year 2021!

Color Experimentation

In the past few years, monochromatic, black and white interiors were in fashion. However, 2021 is swapping this stark color palette out for more warm neutrals and experimental tones. Feel free to unleash your inner style with fun, bold colors such as sunflower yellow, magenta, and purple. Work with your luxury interior designer in Dubai to add fun pops of color without overwhelming the room.

Sustainable Materials

Climate change and environmental preservation continue to be important topics at a global level. This has trickled down to interior design trends in Dubai 2021 as well. Sustainable materials will be popular choices for furniture, décor, and even fixtures. Talk to your interior designer about sourcing environmentally-conscious pieces for your home interior design.

Natural Light

In 2021, natural light will continue to dominate home interiors. Large windows are extremely popular, including floor to ceiling and sky roof varieties. At the same time, light blinds, frosted glass windows, and muslin curtains are popular choices for covering windows without blocking out precious sunlight. Talk to your interior design company in Dubai about the best natural lighting solutions.

Variety of Textures

Interior designs in 2021 are very experimental in terms of textures. Play around with different fabrics such as cotton, leather, velvet, silk, and wool for upholsteries, cushions, and carpets, and materials such as brick, rock, and natural wood for furniture and finishing. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate different textures and create dimension to the room.

Clean Cut Furniture

Avoid stuffy, oversized furniture and opt for sleek, contemporary styles. 2021 interior design trends are all about minimalism, so straight cuts, neutral colors, and compact furniture pieces create the illusion of a bigger space, and give a modern vibe to your living space. Talk to your interior designer in Dubai about finding the best modern furniture for your home.

These are the top interior design trends for the year 2021. Be sure to work with an expert interior design company in Dubai in order to create a home that is a reflection of your personal style and taste, while also keeping up to date with the latest interior fashion styles and trends.


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