How Much Does an Interior Design Cost in Dubai

There is a very famous quote that goes something like this: “Home is where the heart is.” Indeed for some, home is a sanctuary where people rejoice and create memories, while for some it’s an abode for tranquility and comfort, a place where you want to run back to after a tiring day at work.

Since our homes play a vital role in our lives, it should always be a reflection of your personality, your lifestyle and preferences. The rule of interior designer is a powerful one, because it has the capacity and wits to transform your home into something else.

Interior designers are creative and skillful people offering professional interior design services. The designers first interact with the customers to find out about their aspirations and turn it into a reality. There was a time when interior designing firms in Dubai were charging a hefty fee to facilitate their customers. But today, this is not the case.

Since numerous platforms are now providing with affordable interior designing and interior decoration at a relatively reasonable cost, people are always looking for new and exciting ways to spice up their home.

To start with, if we compare the decorator cost to furniture, everything is available at a fairly reasonable price. With multiple contractors, designers and professionals to choose from, you can be rest assured knowing that you are choosing the right interior fit-out company in Dubai.

That being said, before consulting with an interior designer, you should always look into the type of services they offer and their charges. Also, you should always consider the factor of costs being incurred to renovate your house and service charges of interior designing firm in Dubai.

While we agree that there are a number of factors that you should draw your attention to. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

Since selecting the right designer is supposedly the tipping point of interior design, let us take a look at the design prices charged by Interior designers in Dubai.

Interior Design Firms

Based on our marketing research and information, the design and service charges of the firms may vary. However, for a 3 bedroom apartment/home, the design, supervision and implementation charges may start from AED 35k – 40k depending on the nature and structure of the house.

If you have a villa in upscale neighborhood, the costs may go higher depending on your customization requirements.

Turnkey Design Companies

Most of the turnkey design companies’ offer provide free designs hoping to get contracting in return. This is a situation that you should always look for since high fees will be a factor into the contracting cost.

The best practice is to segregate design and implementation. That being said with turnkey design firms, sourcing fees of 7%-12% is also charged on bought-out items.

Furniture Shops

If you have ever been to a furniture shop, you would know how most of the shops can easily decorate your room for a given fee provided that you purchase a few products from them. In case if you are not planning to spend a significant amount of cash them, you need to pay for the design charges which may range from AED 1200 – AED 400.

One drawback of using this type of service is that is a limited variety in the selection of the products and you are bound to your limitations in choosing the right furniture for your home.

Online Interior Design Services

The best thing about online interior design companies is that they offer the flexibility of doing one room at a time, thereby allowing the customers to work on their budget and designs according to their wishes.

While the prices may differ on the deliverables provided by the website, different platforms like Bin Salem Design and others for exceptional packages with multiple designs from professionally experienced designers, communication with designers, exceptional 3D views with shopping service.

Ending Note

Your home is your personal haven and nothing can uplift your spirits like welcoming, beautiful and comfortable home. So before going down the road of finalizing the designer, research and choose wisely. For more information about interior design tips, tricks and services, don’t forget to visit

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