Living Room Décor Ideas: Luxury Classic Furniture for Living Room

Having an elegant and luxurious place to call home is the dream of many. However, many are unable to realize this dream due to the misconception that they cannot afford it.

The truth is, it is possible for anyone to achieve a luxurious living room interior design, with the right classic furniture and help from the best interior design company in Dubai.

To help you out, here are some great living room décor ideas for creating a luxury classic living room interior design:


High Contrast Furniture

For a classic and luxurious look, consider getting furniture and décor that highly contrasts with your living room walls and flooring. For example, black leather couches look exquisite when matched against a white or neutral colored wall. Similarly, a snowy white rug pairs fabulously against dark wood flooring. Talk to your interior designer in Dubai about creating a high contrast theme,


Elegant Tufted Furniture

Tufted furniture is perfect for a timeless and ever luxurious aesthetic. Tufting is a classic furniture style that refers to the upholstery process when layers of fabric are pulled inward (often with a button) to create the tuft, giving off a “buttoned-up” look. The buttons are usually shiny diamonds, pearls, or other jewels that contribute to the look of luxury.


Glistening Chandelier

Replace your traditional light fixture with a sparkling and exquisite chandelier. This will quickly become the focal point of the living room interior design and create an absolutely enchanting look. The best part is that with so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, your interior design company can find a truly unique chandelier for your living space.



Golden Accent Pieces

Consider furniture with golden exposed legs, or antique décor pieces. Such elements will add a touch of opulence to your living room. Just be careful not to overdo it, as this may create a tacky look. Work with your interior designer to add the right amount of gold elements.


Minimalistic Furniture

Try combining minimalistic furniture with pops of color and décor. This way, your living room interior design will be glamorous without looking like it is trying to hard. A simple, straight lined sofa paired with a bright colored rug and an antique painting is a good way to achieve this look. First choose the accent pieces to highlight, and then choose subtle furniture that compliments it nicely.


Decorative Molding

Nothing says luxury quite like an elegantly decorated floor and crown molding. This is an understated way to create a luxury interior design that will speak volumes. Work with your interior design company in Dubai to find the best luxury crown molding options that work well with your overall theme.


These are just a few living room décor ideas for a truly classic, luxurious living room interior design. Be sure to clearly communicate your vision for a luxurious living room with your interior designer in order to achieve the best results.


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