Wise Choice of Colors for Living Room

The living room is the heart of every home. Therefore, it is natural to want a living room
that represents your personal style, and that provides comfort, relaxation, and peace.
The colors of your living room greatly influence how at peace you feel in your home.
Therefore, whether you are thinking of redesigning your living space, or painting your
home for the first time, it is important to put some thought into your color scheme.
An expert interior design company in Dubai can help you choose a color scheme for
your living area, according to the latest interior design trends. However, to give you an
idea of trendy options, here are some wise color choices for your living room:

Black and White
For a classic and timeless look, black and white is always a top option. In fact,
minimalistic looks have been all the rage in luxury interior design trends for years now.
To liven up a black and white living room theme, play around with tones by infusing
subtle grey, ivory, and cream. Be sure to recruit the help of a luxury interior design
company in Dubai, to keep the black-and-white theme looking sleek and modern, not
dull and drab.

Warm Neutrals
If you prefer a more cozy, comfortable, and homey living room, then warm neutral tones
are a prime option. There is so much room to play around with this palette, which gives
you an opportunity to let your personality come through. Top colors in this palette
include taupe, creamy beige, soft yellow, caramel brown, chocolate brown, and mocha.
Create dimension by choosing a light base tone, and adding deeper toned accents.

Breezy Blues
Soft blues are the embodiment of peace and calm. So, for a tranquil and soothing living
room atmosphere, breezy blue tones are perfect. Consider starting with a sky blue or
periwinkle base color, and adding creamy white accents to complement it. You can also
play around with different shades to create a monochromatic interior design. Be sure to
consult with your interior design company in Dubai to ensure that it ties in with your
furniture and overall theme.

Soft Peaches
Soft peachy tones are a great way to elevate the usual neutral color palette. And
contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t appear overly sweet and girly, but rather as
sophisticated and trendy. Peach tones are also extremely flexible in the sense that they
can be paired with dozens of color combinations. Peach tones are popular among
trends in luxury interior design in Dubai.

Jewel-Toned Accents
For the ultimate luxury interior design in Dubai, give your living room a touch of
elegance by incorporating jewel-toned accents. From sapphire blue to emerald green,
and amethyst purple, the possibilities are endless. Work with your interior designer to
add pops of these colors in an elegant and tasteful manner.

These are the wisest color choices for any living room. Play around with these ideas
to find a color scheme that is the perfect reflection of your tastes and personality.
Bin Salem Design is among the best interior design companies in Dubai. Contact us
now to turn your living room into the ultimate luxury interior design in Dubai!

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