5 Tips of Color Choice for a Small Home

Everyone dreams of having a large and luxurious home that they can decorate according to their personal style. But many homeowners become discouraged from decorating a small home.

However, small homes are chock-full of interior design potential. And different furniture pieces, lighting, and colors can give the illusion of a bigger space. Therefore, it is always advised to consult with an experienced interior design company in Dubai about decorating small homes.

To help you get started on your home design experience, here are 5 color choice tips for opening up a small place!

Light Colors to Brighten

Light colors can brighten up a home, giving off the illusion of more space. Avoid starchy white, and instead opt for warm light tones such as beige, cream, ivory, and taupe. These shades offer fun ways to play around with color, while also being bright and sophisticated. The best part is, they can match with any type of theme! Talk to your interior designer about using light colors to make your home look bigger.

Dark Colors to Add Depth

In contrast, darker colors can add depth to a room, making it appear larger. Small homes are also perfect for playing around with dark colors without making it seem overwhelming. Consider pewter, gunmetal grey, chocolate brown, or deep blue for small bedrooms. It can add a moody vibe and a unique twist on luxury interior design.

Accent Shades for Dimension

A monochromatic shade can leave little to the imagination. But playing around with different tones and shades in a small room can actually add dimension, giving off the illusion of a bigger space. Color combinations such as grey and yellow, ivory and blue, or cream and amethyst are great options for adding personality and dimension to a small home. An expert interior design company in Dubai can help you come up with the best color scheme for your small home.

Focal Color

If you are feeling bold, then consider creating a focal wall with a dark color. For example, an emerald green focal wall is not only bold and trendy, but it can add depth to a small home, making it appear larger. You can choose any color for a focal wall, as long as you work with your interior designer to make it tie in with the rest of the theme.

Color Pops for a Twist

Many people tend to leave small rooms plain and single-toned. Switch it up by adding vibrant pops of color like ruby red, sunflower yellow, and sapphire blue. These color pops will look very visually appealing and will distract away from the size of the room. Pops of color can be incorporated anywhere, from carpets to curtains and even fresh flowers!

Follow these color choice tips to liven up your small spaces. And do not be afraid to experiment with different colors and themes. An expert interior design company in Dubai can help you pull off your vision, even in small spaces!

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