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Exquisite interiors customized to your needs


Bin Salem Design provides you with a free consulting service in providing decoration solutions. Through our first meeting with us, we present, but a whole idea of ​​the project requirements and possible ideas in it, as well as a full and detailed price offer for all the work details, design steps and payment details.

The time to make an interior design

It is preferable to start in the interior design work or at least consult a decorator before starting to build the house. In addition, immediately after the completion of the basic distribution design for the house it will save you time and money later. Nevertheless, in Bin Salem Design who are able to deal with any project in Any of its stages and suggesting the necessary amendments.


Design fees

Consultation is free in Bin Salem Design, the price of the design is determined according to the requirements of the client and the number of places that he wishes to design and there is no fixed definition for pricing, but pricing is carried out for each project independently. Bin Salem Design is characterized by offering competitive prices to the local market for its counterparts.

Design patterns presented in Bin Salem Design

Bin Salem Design has a great experience in the world of interior design with an integrated work team. Experiences and backgrounds are able to embody your dream. Whether design is modern or classic Islamic or European traditional or crazy, our team is able to translate all ideas in your imagination into reality.

Why Bin Salem Design?

In Bin Salem Design we offer a unique service, what we offer is interior design solutions, how to enjoy every moment you spend in your home how each wall in your house expresses you, how do you make decorations in your house and you control the budget without increasing. Our clients save 30% of the  project fitout value and 40 % Of the finishing time using our design methods at Bin Salem Design, experts specializing in reading your ideas and translating them into a design you see in front of your eyes.

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