Modern Arabic Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to interior design, there are so many stylistic themes to choose from. Many cultures are renowned for their unique interior design styles. One of the most popular home themes around the world, and especially in Dubai, is Arabic interior design.

Influenced by Greek, Italian, Spanish and French architecture and design elements, combined with the Islamic civilization style, Arabic home designs are often the top choice for home owners with a soft spot for history and luxury.

Arabic interior design is known for being rich, luxurious, and exotic. It has very distinct color palettes, furniture, and design elements that make it truly one of a kind. In addition to this, Arabic home designs are timeless and opulent, making it a perfect theme for any homeowner who dreams of a luxury interior designer in Dubai.

So, if you are interested in infusing Arabic design elements into your home, but are confused on where to start, do not worry. Here are some great Arabic interior design ideas that anyone can incorporate into their home or villa.

Great Ideas for Arabic Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

1. Rich Colors

One of the most indicative factors in Arabic-influenced decoration are rich, bold colors. Arabic interior designs often use deep, rich colors such as wooden brown tones, ruby reds, orange, yellow, golds, and ocher. It is not uncommon to see walls painted in such deep tones. If you are feeling less daring, you can simply incorporate these jewel toned colors in accent pieces and décor, such as carpets, curtains, and cushions.

2. Soft Cushions

Arabic culture is extremely family orientated. This is reflected in the living room design, which is the main hub for family gatherings and bonding. Ample space and a seating area that is close-knit is the key here. While sofas and chairs have become a part of Arabic interiors, an authentic look would consist of plenty of plush cushions scattered around the room for comfortable seating. Pair this with a traditional super soft Arabic carpet to complete the look.

3. Wooden Furniture

In terms of furniture, deep wood is the popular choice for Arabic-influenced luxury interior design in Dubai. Low wooden coffee tables, sofa couches, low benches, and side tables are all good options. Moreover, intricate designs carved into the wooden furniture is extremely common, and adds an exquisite touch. Finally, opt for furniture composed of rosewood, walnut, lemon wood, and peach wood for an authentic look. You can ask your interior design company in Dubai to help you find unique Arab-influenced furniture pieces for your home.

4. Gold Décor

The top choice for décor in Arabic style homes is metal pieces. In particular, gold and brass pieces shine. Try to find metal tea trays, flower vases, and samovars to add some glamour to your home. At the same time, wooden decoration elements can greatly complement metal décor and make it stand out even more.

5. Arabic Lanterns

Similar to décor pieces, metal lanterns are the most common stylistic choice in an Arabic theme. Since Arab homes center around luxury, drop chandeliers and intricately designed lanterns are top choices. You may even find some elegant jewel encrusted lighting varieties. Consult with your interior design company in Dubai to find the best Arab-influenced lighting fixture that will complement with the rest of your theme.

Where to Find the Best Interior Design Company in Dubai

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