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Traditional Arab homes used to have a private sitting area for the guests known as the majlis. The Arab culture is very warm and cordial. They think of guests as blessing from God and treat them with sanctity. This is where the idea of a majlis design came from. It is a place to entertain guests in a separate area while maintaining privacy in the homes.
The design of the majlis has evolved in style and architecture over the years. Modern Arabic majlis designs are very grand. They are designed in a number of styles ranging from Islamic, Moroccan, and Mediterranean to even contemporary. Majlis designs in the past used to be simple and down-to-earth. They mostly consisted of Bedouin seating style, daybeds, and loose comforters. But the Majlis design of today ranges in style to style. Modern Arabic majlis designs encompass all styles and formations. So let’s look at some of our majlis design

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