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Interior Design

Interior Design Services in Dubai

Established in 2002, Bin Salem Design is an award-winning interior design agency that offers customized solutions for all your Interior design needs. Our professional team of qualified designers, draughtsman & 3D visualizers cater to all aspects of the project and specialize in interior design and branding for various luxury hospitality, residential and high-end commercial interiors.

Bin Salem Design was established with the vision of creating memories by evoking a sense of place on a journey through surprise, discovery, and design.

From developing top-of-the-world design concepts and themes for various design styles like traditional, classic, modern classic, or contemporary to generating detailed shop drawings and co-coordinating with consultants and contractors for final project execution, we do it all.

Each of our projects is defined by its true identity and provides a unique experience to our customers through a seamless fusion of design and operation. Not only do we specialize in interior designing, but we also offer residential design, office design, including kitchen, room, bathroom, etc.

Starting from the client’s vision, our team considers everything, from the overall design flow to the smallest details. The best modern interior and concept is meant to improve the user experience while bringing financial value and maximizing the space.

Our goal as a company, is to achieve maximum functionality without compromising on your comfort and personal style. We’re a company that emphasizes the themes of futurism, minimalism, functionality, social, and sustainability.

Residential Interior Design

It is never enough to simply purchase a beautiful house. The most captivating, inviting spaces are accustomed to the owner’s unique identity and preferences, creating a space that’s a reflection of who they are as a person. Bin Salem Design offers innovative, creative home and residential interior design to make every moment of your life beautiful.

We align our services to your home’s demand and lifestyle, resulting in highly livable, attractive interiors that beautify the existing structure and the surrounding environment.

We offer interior design in the following areas:

Villa Design – Villa design is one of the key areas of our services. We are known as one of the most respected villa design company in Dubai and work tirelessly to add elegance to the décor of your house with furniture that matches the interior/exterior of your house.

Majalis Design – Modern Majalis design is extremely popular and in-demand in UAE. It is a combination of classic Eastern sophistication with luxury and convenience. When working with the interiors for your Majalis, our decoration experts consider all the customer’s requirements.

Our design experts will go to great lengths to turn your interior dreams into a reality, and we mean it.

Apartment Design – Bin Salem Design is committed to providing a high-quality interior design of apartments. Our clients enjoy modern design elements and appreciate the quality we offer. We work in different styles like modern, luxury, Mediterranean, American, British etc. and not just offer the development of a concept project, but also carry the entire turn-key works.

House Design – Sometimes, a beautiful house becomes something more than just a luxurious living space. House design in UAE by Bin Salem Design has become the embodiment of the modern living space offering all the amenities with beauty and elegance. We create bespoke house designs keeping in mind the latest trends.

Penthouse Design – At Bin Salem Design, we take our penthouse design seriously because we genuinely believe that a penthouse is a symbol of luxury and comfort. Incorporating the modern trends, we ensure that you get the best designs that turn your penthouse into a comfortable setting. We understand your requirements for the design and strive to deliver them within the tentative deadline.

Commercial Interior Design

At Bin Salem Design, we have been delivering exceptional commercial interior designs to our customers for nearly 18 years. We are a complete commercial interior design company in Dubai and focus on creating a welcoming and livable vibe.

We understand the traits of designing a commercial space, as it has quite varied décor and functional requirements. Our commercial interior design capability revolves around bringing harmony between all the physical elements and maintains safety in the décor.

We offer commercial design in the following areas:

Hotel Design – In regards to being an established interior designer in Dubai, we apply all the winning mantras and strategies to transform your hotel project into a real thriving business. We offer extraordinary hotel designs to our clients and serve them at our very best.

Retail Shop Interior Design – At Bin Salem Design, we offer high-quality interior designs for retail shops and commercial chains. Our team of professional experts has a competitive edge in design and space planning. We believe that retail shops offer a unique and distinctive environment and should have a competitive advantage that allows them to fall in love at first sight.

Café & Restaurant Interior Design – In recent times, our café and restaurant interior design have attracted many people. Continuing with the trend, our café and restaurant design sets the bar high and elevates the dining experience. Our intelligent ideas and goal are to make your customers feel welcome and provide them with an experience they will not find anywhere else.

Office Interior Design – Your office should have all the modern elements while giving your staff the warmth and feeling of a home. To improve their productivity and working experience, Bin Salem Design focuses on the spaces, and aims to maximize the potential to make them look spacious and beautiful. With our design and planning expertise, we hit all the right notes that our customers want us to.

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