Bin Salem Design offers a complete professional architectural service and coordinates with the engineering consultation firm to obtain all the various permissions, consents, licenses and approvals necessary to undertake your building project. We hold an initial consultation with the client on-site to discuss the design and layout, with reference to planning and building regulations, in order to form a design brief. Bin Salem Design will advise on which permissions, consents and approvals are required, and provide you with an estimate for the design work.
Stage1 Survey & Sketch 
Bin Salem Design undertakes a detailed survey and produces drawings, and sketch proposals.
Stage2 Proposal Drawings 
After obtaining the final approval from the client on our sketches, we will prepare 3D prospective, detailed drawings and specification.
Stage3 Submissions 
Submission packages are prepared and submitted to the engineering consultant to help him completing the final submittal documents for the planning department and other relevant authorities to obtain the final approval on the drawings.
Bin Salem Design’s fees are agreed after the initial consultation. As every project is unique in size, type of work and the degree of involvement from Bin Salem Design, the pricing structure for our Architectural Services is “pay-as-you-go”. Each stage is priced separately, so you can decide which stages to proceed with.