5 Vintage Interior Design Decorating Tips

If you are a lover of nostalgia and cherish the memories that are associated with a childhood home, then a vintage interior design may be perfect for you!

Despite popular misconception, a vintage interior design does not mean old, tacky, or outdated. Rather, it refers to a style of home interior design that originated in France and is characterized by elements of femininity, elegance, charm, and nostalgia.

An expert interior designer in Dubai can help you achieve the perfect vintage interior design theme for your home. And with the help of these 5 vintage interior design decorating tips, you will have a perfectly antique home that is sweetly reminiscent of your fond memories in no time!

1.    Find Antique Furniture

A major trademark of vintage interior design is antique furniture pieces such as classic wooden dressing tables, showcases, vanities, side tables, and comfy couches. Go on a treasure hunt at different antique stores and thrift shops to find unique vintage style furniture pieces. A specialist interior design company in Dubai can help you find high-quality vintage furniture pieces that will suit your overall interior decorating theme.

2.    Make Use of Floral Fabrics

Vintage interior design consists of lots of patterned fabrics, from curtains to furniture and bedsheets. In particular, floral fabrics are a great way to add an obvious vintage flair to your home. Prefer smaller floral or paisley prints that add a touch of femininity without being too glaring. Experiment adding floral prints to your bedsheets or change up your sofa upholstery with a nice subtle print.

3.    Create a Cozy Ambiance

When you think of vintage interior decorating, the first things that come to mind are usually memories of a grandmother’s home and a warmth that encompasses your heart like freshly baked pie. This is the feeling that should be captured in a vintage interior design home. Therefore, creating a cozy ambiance with plush cushions, comfortable sofas, and a fluffy couch is essential. Work with your interior designer in Dubai to create a positively comfy space.

4.    Thrift Vintage Decoration Pieces

Vintage interior design themes are known for having many décor pieces. Some great décor pieces to include are a large grandfather clock, antique tapestries, a decorative mirror, or dainty porcelain pieces. While other modern interior decoration styles focus on minimalism, vintage interior design welcomes a variety of different accent pieces, so feel to explore a local thrift store and mix and match different items.

5.    Do Not be Afraid to Add Personal Touches

A vintage interior design should feel warm and welcoming, and very personalized. There are no set rules for vintage interior decorating, except that it should incite feelings of warmth, love, and nostalgia. So, let your inner self shine through with unique and personal touches. An expert interior design company can help you infuse elements of your individual style into the space to create a completely personalized vintage interior.

These 5 tips will help you create the vintage interior of your dreams! At the end of the day, a vintage styled home will bring you a great amount of comfort, tranquility, and joy. And with the help of an experienced interior design company in Dubai and UAE, you can achieve a vintage styled home that is a reflection of your unique personality.

Where to Find the Best Interior Design Company in Dubai?

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