New Design Inspiration for Luxury Bedrooms

The bedroom is the most intimate place of the entire home, so it is only fair for every homeowner to want a luxurious and comfortable bedroom.

The best interior designer in Dubai will be skilled in creating a bedroom that is not only luxurious, but also totally unique and a reflection of your personal vision. This process involves taking inspiration from various outlets and using those elements to create the perfect luxury haven for bedroom.

Here are some new design ideas for a luxury bedroom to give you inspiration!


Soft Textures

Softness and luxury go hand in hand. So, combine various soft textures throughout your bedroom. For example, pair luscious Egyptian cotton bedsheets with a plush carpet in the center of the room, along with flowing creamy curtains to tie the whole look together.

Work with your interior design services company in Dubai to effectively combine soft textures without going overboard.


Statement Bed

The bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in any bedroom, so it may as well be the luxurious centerpiece. Consider a four-poster bed to make a statement and give a royal ambiance to the room. The best interior designer in Dubai will be able to show you statement bed frames in a variety of colors and styles.


Wooden Accents

Natural wood is always a great choice for bedrooms, as it gives off a look of natural elegance and nostalgia. Make your luxurious bedroom unique by incorporating an exposed wood side table or be more dramatic with a wood-beam ceiling. Consult with interior designer about naturally incorporating wooden beams in the space.

Colorful Accessories

Light, neutral colors are generally preferred for a sophisticated and elegant bedroom interior design. But you can always spice up a natural color scheme without compromising luxury by adding fun, colorful accessories. From a modern painting to plush cushions, there are many opportunities to add a pop of color in the bedroom.


Fanciful Lighting

Bedrooms are the perfect place to play around with luxurious lightings! There are so many lighting options for bedrooms that exude glamour, from a sparking chandelier, to glittering fairy lights, and even a classic sconce light fixtures. You can even mix and match different lighting sources for the perfect luxury interior design services in Dubai.


Window Seating

Most bedrooms have a window. Play up that source of natural light by adding an elegant window seat! A little window seating area can be created according to the size of the window, and using luxurious upholstery in satin or velvet can complete the opulent theme. Ask your best interior designer to design a creative window seating area in your bedroom.


Accent Wall

Unlike other spaces in the home, your bedroom is a great place to get creative and playful. Take advantage of this by creating an elegant accent wall. The accent wall can have anything from a large poster, a floor to ceiling mural, or even a large golden framed mirror. Ask your interior design services company in Dubai to help find the right wall to turn into the accent wall.


These are the best new design ideas for a luxurious and beautiful bedroom interior. Play around with these bedroom interior design ideas to get inspiration for your perfect luxury bedroom! The best interior designer in Dubai will integrate all these elements to unveil a perfectly elegant bedroom that you can call your own.

Bin Salem Interiors Design offers the best interior design services in Dubai. Our team of experts are skilled in creating bespoke luxury interiors. Contact us to speak to an expert interior designer in Dubai for a consultation.

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