How to Personalize Your Home Décor According to Your Personality

There is no place like home.

Your home is your peace. It is the place you spend the most time, and where you head back after a long day.

So, it is only natural to want a home interior design that is reflective of your tastes, passions, and personality. The best interior design company in Dubai will always try to create an interior design that is totally unique, according to your personality.

But in order to do this, you need to have a clear vision that you can communicate to the interior designer in Dubai.

To help you out, here is how you can personalize your home décor according to your personality:


1.    Find Your Style

In order to personalize your home according to your style, you must first establish what your style is! Do some research on different interior design aesthetics and bookmark the things that appeal to you. Imagine yourself living in a home with that style and see whether it brings you peace and happiness.


2.    Create a Mood Board

Once you have determined your interior design style, whether it is modern, cottage core, or rustic, create a mood board of the elements that speak to your personality. Also include ideas on how to personalize it with your own touches and twists on common aesthetics. You can show the mood board to your interior design company in Dubai, to help them understand what your vision is.


3.    Find Key Pieces to Include

Ask yourself “when I enter my house, what do I want to be immediately drawn to?”. Choose these pieces to be the focal points.

For example, if there is an antique painting that you adore, then it can become the centerpiece of your bedroom. Similarly, if you love being connected to nature, then exposed wood beams and fresh potted plants may be the way to go!


4.    Focus on the Details

The best way to make your personality shine through is with the small elements of your interior design. These are the bells and whistles that work together and truly expose your style.

For example, crystal chandeliers and hardware will create a luxurious vibe. Tying this in with crystal décor and porcelain figures as decoration can really tie in to create a princess aesthetic.


5.    Add Personal Photos and Objects

If you have certain photographs, souvenirs, or ornaments that you truly cherish, then let them be visible in your interior design! There are all sorts of creative ways to do this.

For example, hanging your prized coin collection in a frame in the living room, or decorating a shelf with your vintage model cars. You can even frame childhood or vacation photos that hold dear memories for an extra personal touch. Your interior designer can help you showcase your personal items in the best way possible.


6.    Do Not Be Afraid to Be Bold

Do not shy away from expressing yourself in your interior design. The best interior design company in Dubai will always find a way to incorporate elements that showcase your elements, while staying aligned with the rules and science of interior design. This will allow your personality to show through without appearing overwhelming or disproportionate. Hence, you do not need to worry or hesitate from sharing your ideas.


Personalizing your home décor according to your personality will give you a sense of satisfaction like never before. So, follow these steps to personalize your home décor, and be sure to work with the best interior design company in Dubai, to pull it off effortlessly.

At Bin Salem Design, we are dedicated to creating unique and personalized interior designs that reflect your style and personality. Speak to one of our expert interior designers for a consultation and get started today!

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