Top 5 Office Interior Design Trends in 2021

It is no secret that the office environment can greatly influence the level of productivity, motivation, and overall wellbeing of employees. Therefore, each year, the latest office interior design trends are introduced in order to improve the work environment and create a more conducive atmosphere for employees.

2020 is no different. Many interior design trends have been introduced for the office. Working with an expert interior design company in Dubai will ensure that your office is designed according to the latest trends, while keeping in mind the particular needs of each organization.

The main goal for an office interior designer is to create an office space that appeals to employees and boosts productivity, mood, and motivation.

Here are some of the top 5 office interior design trends in Dubai for 2020.

1.    Technology Friendly Furniture

Technology is a big part of every office. From desktop computers to compact tablets, company software, photocopy machines and even internet routers, technology is a big part of the workforce. Therefore, 2020 trends in office interior design are big on technology friendly furniture. This includes sit-to-stand computer desks, built-in tablet stands, and tables with built-in energy saving plug outlets. The best interior designer in Dubai can help you find the best office furniture that is accommodating towards the specific technology and equipment that is used in your business.

2.    Collaborative Hubs

As millennials and generation Z continues to become a large part of the workforce, there is a shift in office designs. While previously single cabins designated desk areas were the norm, now there is a greater interior design trend for “collaborative hubs”. This refers to designated areas with comfortable seating and large computer screens that allow for collaboration between project teams and employees. Work with your interior designer to develop the right balance between quiet work spaces and collaborative nooks in your office.

3.    Desk Screens

Speaking of quiet work spaces, dull floor to ceiling cabins are officially out of style in 2020. Instead, opt for frosted glass cabin walls or screens that create a private and peaceful workspace without blocking out fresh air and atmosphere. There are plenty of screen and cabin wall solutions available, at varying lengths and sizes. Work with your interior design company to find the best desk screens and cabin solutions for your business.

4.    Sustainable Design

As talks of climate change and environmental conversation remain at the forefront of global issues, it is only natural to bring sustainability into office designs. In 2020, there is a big trend for sustainable furniture solutions. Some great ways to create a more sustainably designed office space are by incorporating high-efficiency systems, LED lighting, preferring natural light, using furniture and equipment made with low-emission materials and re-purposing furniture where possible. Consult your desire to create a sustainable office design with your interior designer in Dubai.

5.    Fresh Office Plants

When it comes to keeping employees healthy and happy, one of the best office design tricks is to make use of fresh office plants. Fresh plants are known to boost productivity in the workplace by improving the air quality. Moreover, there are plenty of options to choose from, from single potted desk plants, to larger window plants. Therefore, talk to your interior design company about using the best low maintenance plants that are ideal for offices.

These are the top interior design trends for office spaces in 2020. An expert interior design company in Dubai can help you create the perfect office environment for your business, according to your requirements and preferences.

Where to Find the Best Interior Design Company in Dubai?

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