Trending Colors of the Year 2020

Every year, interior design enthusiasts look forward to hearing about the latest home trends, from furniture to fixtures and even colors. Staying updated with the newest interior design trends can help you get inspiration for your own home improvements and redesigns. To help you out and get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled this list of the trendiest and in-vogue colors in the world of interior designing for the year 2020! Be sure to discuss these color ideas with an expert interior design company in Dubai to find the perfect scheme for your home.

Rich maroon colors are always associated with royalty, and in 2020, it is back in a big way. Maroon accents on curtains, throw cushions, and carpets are a great way to achieve a luxury interior design in Dubai. It will surely add a touch of opulence to your space.

Deep Purple
Speaking of royalty, no color is as luxurious as a deep purple. From eggplant purple to amethyst, there are plenty of shades to play around with. In 2020, purple tones are everywhere in homes from bedrooms to living rooms. An expert interior design company can help you find the best tone for your space.

Believe it or not, but magenta is very fashionable for homes this year. It is a change from the millennial pink that was all the rage in recent years, but still within the same color family. Try adding a splash of magenta in a flower vase or a trendy ottoman.

For those people who prefer a rustic and natural home atmosphere, terracotta is the perfect shade in 2020! It can create a cozy vibe by complementing hardwood floors, plush carpets, and exposed wood. Speak to an expert interior design company in Dubai about incorporating terracotta shades in a luxurious way.

Navy Blue
A timeless classic, navy blue will continue to be popular amongst home designers this year. Not only is it incredibly soothing, but it lends itself towards creating a luxury interior design. Deep blue bedcovers or a bold navy couch is a great way to add this color into your home.

Deep Emerald
When it comes to royal tones, emerald green is an everlasting favorite. Deep, forest-y shades create a moody ambiance, which is very popular this year. Consider adding an emerald green accent wall, or using house plants and décor pieces to incorporate this shade.

Golden Yellow
Pops of yellow is always a fun way to add color, and golden yellow is an upgraded version of this trend. A flowy curtain or bedsheet in this color is enough to create a fashion-forward interior design for your home in 2020. You can even tie it together with some bright sunflowers in a vase.

The color trends this year are all about being bold, daring, and fun! Feel free to play around and experiment with different shades to find what you love!

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