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Best Landscape Design Dubai

Bin Salem Design provides elaborate design concepts for the best landscaping services for gardens and green terrains. We make sure that architects’ sketches not only look amazing on the paper but also functional with plants staying vivid and the water features remaining operative long after the project’s installation. We are a professional landscaping company and provide detailed drawings and specifications where all documents are coordinated, and all information is concisely illustrated.

In regards to being a responsible garden maintenance company in Dubai with a genuine sensitivity towards the environment and ecology, we have a rich experience and a strong foundation over the past 17 years offering villa landscaping in Dubai and have kept ourselves abreast with all the authority and the land amendments conceived so far. This helps us in a thorough understanding of the area concerning its surroundings. Our Clients brief is taken as a measure to develop his/her unit/area which relates to its environment and the set-up.

Types of Landscape Services

At Bin Salem Design, we are the experts in urban design, environmental planning, and sustainable infrastructure, environmental architecture to an extensive range of projects like the park, hotels, industrial plants, housing, public health, restaurants, sports complex, construction, contracting and other infrastructure areas.

We specialize in modern landscaping and transform your outdoor space in the following areas:

• Pool Landscaping
• Outdoor Landscaping
• Architecture Landscaping
• Water Features
• Firepits
• Softscpaing
• Barbecue and Sitting Areas

With our professional services and serving our clients in the best possible manner, we have been maintaining our promise towards quality, value for money, loyalty, customer delight and outstanding services.

Importance of Landscaping

Landscapes add a beautiful touch to your property. Be it a commercial complex or a residential area, landscapes have always been the center of attraction.

Quality landscape design has gained recognition in the past few years, with more houses looking for quality home landscape designs, landscaping is more than just the transformation of the yard, it plays an integral part in decreasing your stress levels, and can be a sanctuary of conversation with limited human activities.

Landscaping is also important for:

• Nature Preservation
• Helps in eliminating pollution
• Preserves Plants
• Keeps You Protected From the Heat
• Offers Outdoor Recreation
• Improves Your Mental Health

Where Can I Find The Best Interior Designer Landscaping in Dubai?

Looking for a garden or landscape designer? Bin Salem Design is the one for you. Our outdoor roof garden designs exhibit a beautiful and healthy environment experience to its end users. Be in soft cape, hardscape, species or lighting, our Interior design team is at equal ease creating sustainable spaces which add a genuine edge to the architectural and interior set-up.

We are one of the most distinguished landscapers in Dubai and offer you everything you need for beautiful, low-maintenance landscaping in every corner of your property. Our landscaping is environmentally friendly and safe for both kids and pets. These factors make us one of the most expert landscape garden consultants in Dubai.

One call to Bin Salem Design will ensure that you get everything you need for a beautiful landscape that will stand the test of time and captures the attention of everyone. We are landscape architects and offer you the best services possible.

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