How To Plan A Landscape Design?

What is a landscape design / Landscape plan?

In general terms, a landscape design is just like a floor plan for an outer area. Similar to a floor plan, a landscape design is a visual representation of the site with the help of areas and dimensions.

In a landscape design, the visual representations are all about natural elements, like flowers, grass, trees and other man-made items like garden furniture, sheds, and even fountains. These designs may also include the coverings for lighting and irrigation.

Best backyard landscaping ideas are normally used to plan, design and implement in the outdoor area of your house or office. These design layouts are also used for references in the case of revamping the area, installation, fixes or planning an outdoor event.

When working on the landscaping plan, you can chalk out different ideas to speed up the decision-making process for required materials. It also gives the property dealer and the contractor an appropriate time for finalizing the tools needed for construction with cost estimation. This method ensures that the project is completed within the stipulated time and under the suggested budget of the property owner/dealer.


Steps for creating a landscaping architecture plan

Putting your idea or your plan to paper is an important aspect of designing the residential/commercial landscape architecture. If you are working on a design project, a graph and tracing paper is all you need. However, if you are looking up for online landscape design services, they will probably start with an overall survey of your landscaping area and lay out a plan for the work they will be covering.

From there onwards, the first process is conceptual sketches, evaluations and approvals. Once approved by the client, the landscape designers will start working.

That being said, the basic steps for creating a landscaping design are as follows:

Start by creating a simple grid for your landscaping design

First and foremost, start by creating a simple grid for your landscaping design. Have a thorough measurement of your designated area and transform them on a piece of paper. You can also add them online with the help of Google Sketch-up.

If you are unsure about the layout and structure of the grid design and how it will turn out, you can always hire the services of the best residential landscape architects in Dubai.


Sketch out everything you need in your landscaping design

This is the area where you get to play around and experiment with your designs and ideas. To formulate different concepts for your landscaping areas, you can work with tracing papers or electronic copies to work out different elements, color themes, design structures and color combinations.

It is never too early to add different architectural elements like patios drawn to scale and positioned in various areas on the grid. Don’t ignore the practical side of the design, like irrigation, solar and lighting systems.

That being said, you would need running electricity for your lights and an irrigation area for your grass. You need to devise a strategy for that and it should be concrete from the get-go.

Work on the final plan

Once you settle on the basic design structure for your landscape, the exciting part begins with the inclusion of cryptic labels cut into green blobs along with colorful flower beds and patterns.

This is similar to decorating the interiors of your room. Visualize how the colors, design elements, patterns, textures and hues will look together.

Understand everything

In the landscaping design, the landscape plans use different symbols to designate plants, trees and other architectural features. These symbols are not regulated so you can use any symbol for your use. But ensure that they mean the same thing for you and your designer.

When working with symbols to indicate plants and trees for your landscaping project, make sure that you are not using multiple symbols. This may create a lot of confusion for you and your designer. Keep things simple and straight forward.

Wrapping it up

If you are a beginner in designing a landscape for your backyard, these practical tips can help you out. Remember, patience is the key to every design and every detail. Make sure to add everything you need in the sketch process before converting them into a reality.

If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. And for quality interior-design services, choose Bin Salem Design.

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